Cat Bed Coffin


24.75" x 16.75" x 7.25"

9.5 lbs

Made from Pine wood


Room for Personalization:

24.75" x 7" on right side of the coffin

24.75" x 7" on left side of the coffin  

6" x 7" at foot of the coffin

8" x 7" at the head of the coffin


To add personalization please go to Stain Color and Add Ons


Stain Color and Add Ons can be located in the Shop section.



The head and the foot of the coffin will be considered as one purchase for personalization.

The left side and right side are seperate purchases.


Stain is also an option.

Stain color can also be found in the Stain Color and Add Ons section.


Please send art and logos to be wood burned on the coffin to




Cat Bed Coffin