Howell Underground is the cumulative creative venture by R Howell which started with the basic idea of being able to build off the wall and creepier things back in 2014.  The first creation was the queen-sized coffin bed in the master suite of the Howell Household.  It has exploded way past building and became the detailed art that you see on the page today.  While building is still possible, the focus now is on artistic wood pieces. 

R Howell comes from a background of graphic design, photography, writing, reading, health and fitness, a very dark humor, a love for Halloween, vampires, werewolves, coffins and graveyards and animals.  Howell Underground is also a zoo.  :)

One of R Howell's specialties is making forever box urns for pets that are no longer with us.  Each box is crafted with love and shows a remarkable likeness to the pet being honored.